Here You Will Also Find Service Rooms, Wardrobe And Costuming, Male And Female Locker Rooms, Offices, Storage, Kitchens, Break Rooms, Two Employee Cafeterias, Great Deal $5 Lighters If You Want Something That Will Work When It Should.

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Morris Fish Edwards later warned that if the judge agreed to Fortin's request, other troops would try to sidestep the very process that Parliament set out for Canada's military to address complaints from the troops. Yet only four months ago, a retired Supreme Court justice, following a review of Canada's military justice system ordered by Parliament, had saved some of his sharpest criticisms for that very grievance system, calling it "broken" and asserting that Canadian troops deserve better. While Morris Fish would not comment on Fortin's case, he told The Canadian Press in an interview this week that his sentiments about the grievance system remain unchanged -- and that immediate reforms are needed to ensure the military is properly treating those in uniform. "Canada owes them an acceptable alternative to the rights and obligations of which they're deprived," Fish said. "I attach great importance to the need for reform of the grievance system. I think it's urgent." In his report, Fish noted Canadian military personnel have fewer ways to express concerns or complaints than civilian Canadians do. They cannot unionize or collectively negotiate working conditions, pay and benefits.

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Not everyone happy as Hot Dog Guy says goodbye to east-end Canadian Tire After 24 years selling hot dogs from a stand outside the East London Canadian Tire location, David Jafray is moving on.  After 24 years dealing dogs, owner David Jafray says he couldn't reach a deal with store's new owner Posted: Oct 01, 2021 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: October 1 After 24 years dealing hot dogs from a stand outside the Canadian Tire in east London, David Jafray, a.k.a The Hot Dog Guy, is closing up his stand. He was unable to negotiate a new lease agreement with the store's owners. (Andrew Lupton/CBC) After 24 years selling hot dogs outside the East London Canadian Tire location, David Jafray is moving on.  The store changed hands recently and Jafray said he was unable to work out a deal to stay with the new owners.  "I'm one of the original hot dog sellers at Canadian Tires," said Jafray, while taking orders for his last lunch rush on Thursday. "I've been here 24 years. I'm just going to shut down and regroup. It's been a tough couple of years with COVID-19. It's been an interesting battle, it's taken its toll." The store's owner didn't respond to calls for comment from CBC News.  Word that Jafray's business — simply called The Hot Dog Guy — was serving its last tube steak spread quickly on Facebook. One post had almost 100 comments. Some expressed frustration that he was soon to close. Many said they'd miss the chance to grab some street meat while running errands on busy weekends. Some even threatened to boycott the store.  "I'm loving the outpouring of support," said Jafray. "I've been here 24 years with four other owners and no problem at all and now today is my last day." Shopper Stephanie Irvine says she'll miss the Hot Dog Guy.  "I'm pretty upset about it," she said. discover more "I'm working from home so it's nice to come out at lunch and grab a hot dog. He's a great guy, I'll be sad to see him leave. I hope the owners reconsider."  News that Thursday was the Hot Dog Guy's last day had some expressing frustration on Facebook.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio has resisted changing the city’s gifted and talented program for nearly eight years. His schools chancellor, Meisha Porter, at his right, helped convince him to overhaul the system. It is not yet clear, for example, what will happen to the five schools across the city that exclusively serve children considered gifted. Officials said parental input will inform their decisions on how to reshape those schools. A well-organized group of parents who support keeping gifted classes in some form, with support from elected officials like State Senator John C. Liu, a Democrat from Queens, have criticized the mayor in recent months for preparing a new system without getting input from parents. Many of those families have children who attend school in Manhattan’s District 2, one of the city’s whitest and wealthiest school districts. The mayor’s earlier push to eliminate the admissions exam for the city’s most elite high schools, including Stuyvesant High School, failed after he announced the plan without first seeking feedback from the many thousands of Asian American parents whose children would be most affected . Those families spent months forcefully pushing back against the plan, and their opposition ultimately helped defeat it in the State Legislature. The mayor’s other significant action on integration, a plan announced late last year to remove some admissions requirements at competitive middle and high schools, was rolled out without significant public comment. While changes to admissions to the city’s specialized high schools are subject to legislative approval, Mr. de Blasio has full power over all other schools, including gifted programs. The announcement by Mr.