Which Is Quite Hard Work!

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Johnson declares a national emergency in an historic address to the nation. Ali and Dan, already working from home, were now looking after Ada too – her school closed at the end of the week. I told him the other day when we were talking about homeschooling the other day, and how she felt about it. And she said, "I think that’s a great idea, Daddy, I'm going to be the teacher." I think that's pretty much the basis for how homeschooling is going to happen. They decide to focus on fun, rather than hardcore learning, since Ada is only five. They draw flowers in the garden and do an online exercise class as a family. So our neighbours must think we’re crazy, jumping around. Which is quite hard work! So that's our nine o'clock routine for getting out of bed to do some PE.


They have been forced to feud over restrictions, they said, at the same time that cities in Arizona, experiencing breakneck population growth, have been depleting the state’s strained reservoirs . “Why isn’t the governor cutting off water resources to southern Arizona?” asked Clark Tenakhongva, vice chairman of the Hopi Tribe, which is in the northeast part of the state. “Cut out the pools. Cut out the water recreation areas. Cut out the golf courses, and you’ll start resolving some of the issues the state of Arizona is looking at right now.” But while Arizona’s booming population consumes ever larger quantities of water, the flaring tempers in one of the state’s poorest corners have revealed how the drought, which has ranked among the most severe in recorded history, has inflicted pain unevenly around the West. In a parched landscape where the Hopi honed water-harvesting methods over centuries, the tribe estimates the reservation go now has about 2,200 head of cattle that consume about 66,000 gallons of water a day. Supporters and opponents of herd reduction both agree they are quarreling over ranching on a scale dwarfed by huge cattle operations elsewhere.

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Savannah Mayor Van R. Johnson, a Democrat, called Kemp's order "disappointing, but not surprising," and said Kemp was proactively preempting "local governments like Savannah from protecting themselves by following the science." Savannah's indoor mask mandate, which covers city government facilities, city schools and early childhood centers, remains intact, the mayor said. As for Atlanta, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms "has followed the science and data from the onset of this pandemic," a statement from her office Friday reads. "Masks save lives and it is absurd we must continuously defend such a simple, straightforward fact," the statement reads. Cases and hospitalizations are rising in Georgia As has happened in the country at large, coronavirus cases and hospitalizations have soared in Georgia since the early summer as the highly contagious Delta variant became dominant . Georgia has averaged more than 7,400 new Covid-19 cases a day over the past week -- more than 25 times what the figure was nearly seven weeks ago, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Cases have jumped since July 5, when the state saw its lowest average of 2021 (292 per day). The incline threatens to rival Georgia's highest-ever case average, which was 9,778 daily on January 13, according to Johns Hopkins. More than 5,500 Covid-19 patients were in Georgia hospitals according to data released Friday -- threatening to surpass the highest number recorded in the last 12 months (6,181 in mid-January), according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. That number was as low as 583 on July 6, according to HHS. As for vaccinations: 40% of Georgia's population was fully vaccinated as of Thursday, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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